Sarah Bsaibess is a Feng Shui Consultant. Born in a small village in Lebanon, in the lap of nature, she discovered her passion for serene and relaxing spaces knowing thus her mission in life. Sarah nurtured this passion in studying Feng Shui, working hard and obtaining her certificate from the International Federation of Feng Shui of the Present Time in Geneva. Since then, she has been practicing this healing Art professionally and dedicating herself to sow harmony in her clients' lives, careers and environment. Her thirst for reaching higher levels of Spirituality and Consciousness pushed her to dive deeper into this infinite World. A space healer, a Feng Shui consultant. Sarah can make your living and working spaces a sanctuary.


  • Consultancy of an existing space
  • Choose an Apartment or a Place to live
  • Estimate a Plot or a Land
  • Neutralization and Clearance of Negative Energies
  • Feng Shui for Business